Why Future Proofing Cloud Computing Security is Necessary

Cloud computing is molding and transforming how businesses operate and communicate and it is a must for organization to not only adapt to the changing trends of today's business environment, but also prepare for the (cloud computing) future that lies ahead.

Most Secure Cloud Computing Solution and Provider

Cloud-based datacenter solutions have become popular for many enterprise-level businesses across all industries. Replacing company-owned server equipment or adding a hybrid network solution with a customized cloud solution is attractive to many corporations because of its scalability, cost efficiencies, and operational efficiencies. As the robustness and capabilities of Cloud-based applications and services grows (e.g aaS / as-a-Service) organizations need to be ready to shift their established mindset and modus operandi. That being said, many have concerns over how to select the most secure cloud computing solution and service provider. How do you make sure that your provider is ensuring the top-level of cloud-based security, both in the data transition and maintenance phases? Since every corporation and individual may have different risks, this is a tricky question to answer; however, we’ve outlined some of the most common things to look for in identifying the most secure cloud computing solution and provider for you.

What is a Virtual Private Data Center?

For many enterprise-level businesses, technology can be confusing and a daunting task to undertake. Terms like “Virtual Private Data Center” can have you wondering if that is even a real thing, or something coined from a science fiction movie. So, before we dive into technical jargon, let’s describe a Virtual Private Data Center (VPDC) in real-life terms.