Why Future Proofing Cloud Computing Security is Necessary

Cloud computing is molding and transforming how businesses operate and communicate and it is a must for organization to not only adapt to the changing trends of today's business environment, but also prepare for the (cloud computing) future that lies ahead.

Before Looking Forward, Let’s Look Back 

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane. Do you remember flip phones? Cassette tapes? The AOL running man? The Walkman? Even the first-generation iPod that was as big as a cell phone? Truthfully, it was not long ago that we were in awe of these modern advances in technology. In a short period of time, technology has progressed exponentially to the point where the average consumer and business has a hard time keeping up, let alone imagining what the next 10, 20 or 50 years has in store.  One of today’s hottest topics and trends is Cloud Computing.  Whether you have openly adopted it within your organization or not, sooner or later it will be an inextricable aspect of it. 

Trends in Cloud Computing 

Technology shapes our lives, our society and our businesses – it influences how we communicate, consume information, share information, access information and use information. From a business perspective, technology affects work processes, operations, finance, communication, consumer relationships, and more. As the world become more and more “flat” due to the availability of “connectivity” humanity as a whole will not only communicate more and more, but it will also access, create and share never ending amounts of data.  The former will be achieved mainly through voice, whilst the latter will occur thru a variety of channels whilst leveraging one key technology; Cloud Computing Technology.  While we don’t exactly know what the long tail future holds for cloud computing technology, we can confidently predict some of the trends, and even more confidently say that as important a role it will play in personal communication, it will equally play an increasingly important role in how businesses store, access, secure, and maintain their data and functions. 

Cloud computing is molding and transforming how businesses operate and communicate. According to a recent study, cloud adoption rose in 2013, with 75 percent of those surveyed reporting the use of some type of cloud platform. This result increased eight percent from 2012. 

Future Proofing Cloud Computing Security 

In order to future proof cloud computing security, it is important to look at potential threats, which can occur on different levels. Most commonly, these levels are: 


Physical level threats refer to situations that could compromise the physical data center. This can involve hardware theft, modification, and interruption. It can also occur if a natural disaster causes damage, the infrastructure is misused, or the network is attacked. These potential threats lead us to some security requirements that you might consider in future proofing your cloud computing security, such as: 

  • Hardware security and reliability;
  • Network protection; and
  • Legal and ethical use of cloud computing 


Virtual level threats exist as a result of programming flaws, software modification, deletion, impersonation, network exposure, connection flooding, and disrupting communications. Virtual level security measures include: 

  • Access control
  • Application and data security
  • Communication security
  • Virtual cloud protection
  • Cloud management control security
  • Secure images 


Application level threats involve cloud application services. Threats can occur with modifications of data in transit or at rest, privacy breeches, interception of data, impersonation, network exposure, and hijacking. Application level security measures may involve: 

  • Privacy in a multitenant environment
  • Data protection from exposure
  • Access control
  • Communication protection
  • Software security
  • Service availability 

Future Proofing Cloud Computing Security the “Smart” Way 

The availability and the integrity of your company’s data is the top priority, which is why we are experts on future proofing cloud computing security. Host.net's  4cNxGn™ Smart Cloud Architecture is the service offering of choice for many global enterprise clients looking to achieve uninterrupted service availability, increased technology capabilities, improved operational efficiencies, and unparalleled confidence that their data is secure.

Host.net offers best-in-class services, including redundant virtual compute and enterprise storage platforms deployed at geographically diverse SOC Type II and PCI DSS Compliant Data Center connected to our 10G multinational backbone. That sounds like a lot of technical lingo, but your take away is that this means your data is protected, and that our systems keep your cloud computing solution reliable and secure for the long haul. 

The Quick and Easy Answer to Future Proofing Cloud Computing Security 

Well, there is no easy or quick answer when it comes to future proofing cloud computing security. Technology and cloud computing advance and develop rapidly, as do industry standards, policies, and data security requirements. You will need a cloud computing provider with trusted industry-leading skills and knowledge to deliver scalable cloud computing products that can evolve with the changing security demands on many levels. Therefore, working with the right could computing service provider is the first step in future proofing your cloud computing security.  . Give us a call today at (561) 869-6100 or email us here (sales@host.net) so we can begin customizing a Cloud Computing solution to meet your company’s present and future needs.

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